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Program Emphasis

JSR allows students to see their work published in the most popular news resource for people of Korean descent in America. 


The point of the program, however, is not publication. It's education. In fact, JSR is a completely one-of-a-kind immersive education program that is focused just as much on leadership and critical thinking as it is on writing.


As you move through the program, keep the following skills in mind. The goal of each of your semesters is to improve at least somewhat in each of the following categories. Everyone is different, though, and you should go at your own pace. 


For students who would like to become editors one day, it's worth noting that these skills are the ones that we take most into consideration when making our editorial decisions. 

Reaching Out

You are expected to be a journalist and reach out for interviews. 


Stay in touch with your editor, no matter what.



When deciding about topics, think about those that have the potential to call readers to action or at least inform them about choices they can make.

Critical Thinking

There has always been false reporting and "yellow journalism," but we may be living in a Golden Age of poorly-done news. 

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