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The calendar will be updated as necessary, so please make sure that you take a look at the calendar often.  DO NOT ASSUME that the calendar will always stay the same. 


There is a publication component to JSR so all deadlines are HARD DEADLINES! Meaning, if you are late, you are losing your eligibility for publication for that cycle.  We are working in two week cycles.  Also, if you are late, your articles may not get edited in time to revise for a final draft.  If you need an extension, please get one approved by the program coordinator much in advance.


Pitches are due on the Mondays of the weeks that you write your articles.  

First Drafts are due Saturdays after your pitch (you will receive edits by the following Monday)

Final Drafts are due Thursdays after your first draft.  


***** Again, if you have not received a pitch approval, don’t hesitate! Just go ahead and write your article.  If we have any issues with your pitch submission, we will let you know in time.  


***** If you have not received any editing or notes by the Monday after your first draft, please ensure that you let someone know! However, DO NOT STOP making your own edits.  If there are no notes, edit your own and submit a final draft by the deadline.  


You will be given a calendar that will also tell you when your deadlines are.  Please refer to that at ALL times before anything else.  The calendar will be updated as necessary, so please make sure that you take a look at the calendar often.  

Student reporters are responsible for knowing and following their own schedule of deadlines! You will “not” receive deadline reminders from your student editors and/or the program coordinator.


If you miss one deadline, you will be notified by your editor. If you miss a second deadline, you will receive notice from the program coordinator. Your third and fourth missed deadlines will be followed by a call to your parents. If you miss a fifth deadline, you will receive a warning from JSR and any subsequent missed deadlines will consequently have you dismissed from the program and lose credit for the semester.

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