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The Basis

Word Count: between 500-600 words


Language: American English


Each article will include a properly-credited image from an approved source


Each article should include at least one original interview from a relevant source. 

Do Not Plagiarize

If you are caught plagiarizing, you will miss a deadline and do a makeup assignment. If it happens again, you will be removed from the program without a refund. Plagiarism is against the law.


Directly copying an author's words is not the only way to plagiarize. The following is also prohibited:


- Writing an article based on a single source, even if it has been reworded;


- Failing to credit an interview to the interviewer or publication that did the interview; 


- Failing to include proper credit for a photo, like the one in the background of this JSR Instruction Manual section, that you've found online. [Alex Proimos]


Style Specifics

We use a dynamic, slighty-modified version AP Style for JSR. If you don't have an AP Stylebook, try Googling "AP Style _________," for example, "AP Style quotation marks around titles?" or "AP Style method of writing numbers." You may also elect to purchase an AP Stylebook (digital versions are available on this website). 


Here are a few style specifics that come up regularly:


HEADLINES: JSR Headlines must be complete sentences with subjects and verbs. Headlines should be no more than six words but four or five is preferred.


NUMBERS: Write out the numbers one through ten. Once you're at 11, start using numerals.


TITLES OF COMPOSITIONS:  Magazines and newspapers, such as People Magazine and The Korea Daily, don't get anything but capitalization. Most everything else - songs like "Blue Moon," movies like "Casablanca," and books like "On the Road" - gets quotation marks. Nothing gets italics or an underline. Nothing.


ACROYNMS:  Write out all acronyms the first time, with the acronym in parenthesis. I/e, "Joongang Student Reporters (JSR) is a great program." You may then refer to the acroynm for the rest of the article.


NAMES: Give a person's full name first, then refer to that person by last name throughout the article. After the initial introduction of a name, only use the first name when you need to distinguish between familiy members or others with the same last name.


OXFORD COMMAS: Starting with the Spring 2014 semester, JSR will be employing the Oxford comma. In lists of three or more, include a comma between each of the words. For example, "JSR teaches criticial thinking, responsibility, and cooperation." This represents a change from previous sessions of JSR. 

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